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Our Funds

Luke's Fund

Luke's Fund invests in equities on the Australian Stock Exchange.   


The purpose of the fund is to deliver extraordinary returns, investing in Australian public companies with the following characteristics:


  • Founder led, team, with demonstrated performance and commitment, with interests aligned with shareholders, with skin in the game.  They are servant leaders that walk the talk.

  • Provide a product or service, that will be highly valued in in the future, and the world would be lesser without them. They demonstrate this through low customer churn and high growth in revenue per customer. 

  • Are the market leaders in their category, with limited competition.

  • Have high barriers to entry in their market. 

  • Are innovators / disruptors in their industry.  

  • Have significant growth potential, and have demonstrated high growth, with a small share of the total addressable market.  

  • Have significant potential to multiply their earnings and revenue over time.  They demonstrate this through high revenue growth rates. 

  • Have zero debt, or low debt. 

  • Special situations representing an asymmetrical opportunity. 

  • Hedge against inflation / currency / sovereign risks.

Luke's Fund intention is to hold investments for the long term, or until such time as the business conditions / situation changes.  

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Our Funds

Luke's Global Fund

Luke's Global Fund invests in global equities, excluding Australian Stock Exchange.   


The purpose of the fund is to deliver extraordinary returns in international businesses, applying the philosophy of Luke's Fund, in a more concentrated portfolio of category leaders and disruptors. 

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